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The New Hampsire Aquarium Society is a non-profit group made up of people that have a common interest in marine and freshwater life and systems.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month September through June at the Somersworth High School. Each meeting has a speaker, Bowl Show, Photo Show, raffle and mini-auction where those present can bid on interesting species that are difficult to find in local stores as well as used, but still useful hardware. The club also runs a Breeders Award Program and Horticultural Award Program to recognize and celebrate the propagation of fish and aquatic plants.

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The Last Meeting:

February 2015:
Monthly Meeting

On the evening of February 11, 2015, around 7:10 PM, president Chuck Smith called the monthly meeting of the New Hampshire Aquarium Society to order with about fifteen people in attendance. There was some speculation that snowy narrow roads may have had a negative affect on the number of people present. The speaker was our own Bob Tyrrell whose topic was raising live food for your fishes. Bob's talk was another example of the wealth of knowledge that we have within our membership. Along with pictures Bob discussed the husbandry involved with keeping Micro worms, Walter worms, Banana worms, white worms, fruit flies, brine shrimp, Daphnia and Black Worms. Bob presented each food in a neat precise manner and discussed the positive and negatives of each allowing each member to ask, "I wonder if I should try that?" If nothing else Bob made it clear that live food is extremely beneficial for our fish. We all thank Bob for a well-done and informative talk. The evening ended with the announcement of the bowl show and photo contest winners and the drawing for the monthly raffle. It should be noted that our newest member, Ronnie Richer, took a prize in the raffle. History indicates that there seems to be a trend of newest members winning in the raffle. What a nice way to say welcome.