New Hampshire Aquarium Society

( NHAS )

The New Hampsire Aquarium Society is a non-profit group made up of people that have a common interest in marine and freshwater life and systems.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month September through June at the Somersworth High School.

Each meeting has a speaker, Bowl Show, Photo Show, raffle and mini-auction where those present can bid on interesting species that are difficult to find in local stores as well as used, but still useful hardware.

The club also runs a Breeders Award Program and Horticultural Award Program to recognize and celebrate the propagation of fish and aquatic plants.

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The next Board of Directors Meeting will be Monday . Oct 16th location to be determined

Upcoming Events:
Nov will have the Best of the Best Photo Contest
Dec will be the Holiday Pot Luck Dinner/Yankee Swap Meeting (6:30 start)
Jan will be the Annual Awards Banquet

Next Regular Meeting

Wednesday, Nov 8th at 7:00pm

Monthly Meeting 2017 Scheduled Speakers
Sept 13 De'Anna Alexander speaking on 'Betta splendens and Friends'

Last Meeting

President Keith Richardson called the October meeting of the New Hampshire Aquarium Society to order around 7:10 PM on Wednesday, October eleventh, 2017. There were around twenty-three people present on a beautiful autumn evening. Keith started with some announcements that included encouraging members to make suggestion for a venue for the annual auction in March of next year. He reminded members that October was dues month and that Jennifer would gladly accept everyone's money. He mentioned the up coming growth contest and Don noted that at the November meeting members wanting to participate would receive a free bag of Rosy Reds minnows, Pimephales promelas, to take home, give great TLC and in June bring in the largest of their Rosies. The largest fish wins. The prize to the winner is a half-pound of Ken's fish food and an Aqueon Mini-Bow One desktop aquarium. Once again, free fish and a great prize, one of the benefits of belonging to NHAS.

The speaker for the evening was Chuck Fittz who spoke on water quality, particularly as it applies to aquariums and our fish. Chuck took us through about nine steps that total up to determine a water quality rating. Some of those steps included testing for dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrates, phosphates and dissolved solids. As always Chuck displayed a wide knowledge of his subject and readily answered any and all questions. Once again it was a pleasure to have Chuck visit with us and we greatly appreciate his sharing his expertise and look forward to his returning in the future.

The evening ended with the drawing for the winners of the raffle, (nice going Ed) followed by the announcement of the winners of the bowl show and photo contest. The last event was the monthly auction, including some beautiful fish brought in by our speaker, Chuck Fittz. The meeting adjourned around 9:00 PM.

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