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Greetings Fishy Friends!

The New Hampsire Aquarium Society is a non-profit group made up of people that have a common interest in marine and freshwater life and systems.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month September through June at the Somersworth High School. Each meeting has a speaker, Bowl Show, Photo Show, raffle and mini-auction where those present can bid on interesting species that are difficult to find in local stores as well as used, but still useful hardware. The club also runs a Breeders Award Program and Horticultural Award Program to recognize and celebrate the propagation of fish and aquatic plants.

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The Last Meeting:

December 2014:
Annual Christmas party was held and we had a great time.

November 2014:
After some general discussion the speaker for the evening was our own Chuck Smith who spoke on one of the great rift lakes of the world, Lake Tanganyika. Lake Tanganyika is the second largest and second deepest fresh water lake in the world next to Lake Baikal in Siberia. Chuck's talk was accompanied by some beautiful pictures of the huge number of fish found in the lake that might be kept in a hobbyist aquarium. It was obvious that Chuck has had a great deal of experience with Cichlids and has a vast knowledge of their traits. The sign of a good talk is that when it is over the audience wants to hear more and that seemed to be the case with this talk. Good job, Chuck. We would like to hear more.

Each year at the November meeting the photo contest 'Best of the Best' is held and the winner for the year is Keith Richardson. Well done, Keith. Also at the this meeting was the end of the latest growth contest and Denise Brown, who donated the Rainbow Cichlids, Hertilapia multispinosa, for the contest was the judge for the final results. And the winner was...Jennifer and Keith Richardson. Nice going folks. Another special event was the drawing to determine the winner of the special raffle from the annual auction. And the winner was...Don Van Pelt. Congratulations to Don.