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The New Hampsire Aquarium Society is a non-profit group made up of people that have a common interest in marine and freshwater life and systems.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month September through June at the Somersworth High School. Each meeting has a speaker, Bowl Show, Photo Show, raffle and mini-auction where those present can bid on interesting species that are difficult to find in local stores as well as used, but still useful hardware. The club also runs a Breeders Award Program and Horticultural Award Program to recognize and celebrate the propagation of fish and aquatic plants.

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The Last Meeting:

May 2015:
Monthly Meeting

On May thirteenth, 2015, at 7:10 PM President Chuck Smith called the May meeting of the New Hampshire Aquarium Society to order with around twenty-five people present. The first order of business was some announcements about up-coming events including the summer get-together at Fort Foster, a change in the constitution, a breeding contest beginning in June, future speakers, a possible collecting trip and a fall trip to Ron Finlayson's home to view his ponds and tanks. After an active and interesting question and answer period Chuck introduced the four speakers for the evening.

The talks, given by four members, were a discussion about building a fish room. Don Van Pelt spoke on setting up an air system using a large diaphragm air pump. Two brand names mentioned were Pond Master AP and the Air Force Linear Pro, both purchased from Ken's Fish. Both pumps are amazingly quiet and produce enough air to run multiple air stones and other air devices. To distribute the air Don suggested forming a loop around the room with two inch PVC pipe. Don brought in one of his pumps along with valves, sponge filters and air stones.

Keith Richardson discussed electrical needs in the room with a strong emphasis on safety. So much water and electricity in one place can be a hazard and Keith spent much of his talk on ways to make your room safer. Unsafe behavior included overloading power strips, too many multiple plugs and the misuse of extension cords. Safe behavior included the use of GFI receptacles, dedicated circuits and the absolute requirement to have a licensed electrician do the work or at least check what you have done.

Jennifer Richardson's topic was lighting for the aquarium. Jennifer made the point that what you need for lighting depends on what kind of set-up you want. Some of the questions you have to answer before deciding are fresh water or salt? Is it fish only, bare bottom, lightly or heavily planted, size of the tank and what are the needs of the fish? Jennifer discussed many types of lights from incandescent, fluorescent, Metal Halide and the newest technology, LED.

Larry Feltz talked about various ways to do water changes. Larry discussed the evolution of how he went from the tried and true siphon gravel vacuum followed by filling with a garden hose up to the automatic system that he now uses with drip heads and automatic self-leveling siphons. The physics involved in the siphon is puzzling but for those of us that have seen it in operation we can attest to the fact that it really works.

The four speakers once again demonstrated the wealth of the knowledge that exists within NHAS and belies the old saw that an " expert is a person who lives at least fifty miles away " . We all thank the speakers for their talks and encourage any other member that would like to make a presentation to step up and share your knowledge with the club.

After a break for lots of 'fishy'; talk the results of the photo contest and bowl show were announced and the winners of the raffle were drawn. The final event was a fun filled large auction with some beautiful fish and spectacular buys. The meeting adjourned around 9:30 PM.

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