New Hampshire Aquarium Society

( NHAS )

The New Hampsire Aquarium Society is a non-profit group made up of people that have a common interest in marine and freshwater life and systems.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month September through June at the Somersworth High School.

Each meeting has a speaker, Bowl Show, Photo Show, raffle and mini-auction where those present can bid on interesting species that are difficult to find in local stores as well as used, but still useful hardware.

The club also runs a Breeders Award Program and Horticultural Award Program to recognize and celebrate the propagation of fish and aquatic plants.

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The next Board of Directors Meeting will be Monday . Oct 16th location to be determined

Upcoming Events:
Nov will have the Best of the Best Photo Contest
Dec will be the Holiday Pot Luck Dinner/Yankee Swap Meeting (6:30 start)
Jan will be the Annual Awards Banquet

Next Regular Meeting

Wednesday, Oct 11th at 7:00pm

Monthly Meeting 2017 Scheduled Speakers
Sept 13 De'Anna Alexander speaking on 'Betta splendens and Friends'

Last Meeting

Chuck Smith called the September meeting of The New Hampshire Aquarium Society to order around 7:15 PM on September 13th, 2017. There were twenty-two people in attendance. It is interesting to note that there were three people in attendance that were faces from the past. We want to 're-welcome' Mike, Nick and Roy and hope that we see more of you in the future.

Chuck had a few announcements including the July picnic at Fort Foster, which was a great time on a beautiful day. Chuck also made a plea for members to consider stepping up and filling some of the positions on the board. There was a brief discussion about a growth/breeding contest and Don suggested using Rosy Reds, Pimephales promelas, that can be purchased inexpensively (about 14 cents each!) from Petsmart. A good information source can be found at Chuck reminded everyone that October is DUES month so bring a check or cash or whatever and pay up!

The speaker for the evening was De'Anna Alexander. The title of her talk was 'Betta splendens and Friends'. De'Anna had some beautiful photos and spent much of the talk on the variety of colors and tail design. Now we know why that beautiful white male disappeared and why we ended up with a 'blotchy' red and white fish. As often happens with fish that are show fish, it can get really complicated and really involved. We thank De' Anna for an interesting talk into a topic most of us didn't know existed.

After a break to vote on the bowl and photo contests, talk some fishy talk, eat some muffins and generally socialize with folks we haven't seen since June we reassembled to hear the results of the two contests, draw for the winner of the 50/50 and settle in for the usual great buys in the auction. The meeting adjourned around 9:00 PM It was a great start for the new season and bodes well for the New Hampshire Aquarium Society. LET'S KEEP IT GOING!

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